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                              A Message To Every Prospective Client

Unlike advertising you may see from other private investigators, we are NOT going to show you an endless list of investigative categories indicating we "specialize" in everything. Let's be realistic, a physician cannot be a specialist in all fields of medicine. Likewise, in our opinion, a private investigator cannot be an expert with all types of investigations.

In 1995, after years of handling thousands of cases, including criminal defense, civil litigation, insurance fraud, workers' compensation, missing persons, traffic accidents, beneficiary searches, etc., we decided to focus primarily on family law related cases, setting the "gold standard" for others to follow.

That being said, we are confident we can help with your family law case. Make no mistake, we are exceptionally good at what we do, with over 25 years of specialized family law investigation experience and expertise. The fact of the matter is, our seasoned associates have years of experience, which younger, less experienced investigators, simply don't possess.

                                                  Clients Get What They Pay For

Unlike many private investigation firms, we DO NOT utilize trainees, process servers, law school students, college students/interns, paralegals or off-duty law enforcement officers for investigative assignments, due to conflict-of-interest issues, possible courtroom testimony, legal liability considerations, confidentiality laws, job expertise and professional ethics. Your case will be handled by a state licensed private investigator.

With over 36 years of combined law enforcement and private investigation experience, we are confident, it would be very difficult to locate another private investigation firm, and a group of associated professionals, matching our 22 years of experience, expertise and business ethics.


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